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Old school Vs Digital Marketing

We want the hospice and palliative care community to flood social media with pictures that promote consciousness. Building on the theme “My Hospice” will encourage members to share a wide range of photos, photographs or movies - all to assist people better perceive the value of the care we offer. What's a “Social Media Push”? A social media push is a coordinated social media effort. A social media push depends on organizations and individuals to submit related content and uniform messaging on social media channels on the identical day.

You set out posts in your organization's (or your personal) social media pages, primarily Fb and Twitter but also Pinterest and Instagram should you or your organization is energetic on those sites. We wish to flood social media with images showing all of the special issues for which hospice and palliative care are recognized. Is there a particular theme?

The overall theme is “My Hospice” which should allow for a superb deal of creativity to help enhance the presence of hospice throughout November’s Nationwide Hospice and Palliative Care Month. How does one designate a put up as part of a selected Social Media Push? MyHospice within the text of your social media publish. NHPCO workers - as well as hospice and palliative care social media followers - will seek for these hashtags on November 2 and throughout the month.

Why is a Social Media Push carried out on one specific day? A social media push is done on the identical day in order that key messages are seen by as many individuals as possible - the more individuals who see the content material, the better. This is how social media content material can become “viral”. What kind of content ought to the social media push function?

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Social media posts on November 2 should characteristic images, graphics or short videos supplied by hospice and palliative care organizations/professionals or people that capture hospice and/or palliative care at its greatest - the specific post we leave as much as you! One suggestion is to take a selfie with the "My Hospice" handheald banner - then add a message exhibiting your hospice spirit. Obtain the PDF banner.

Additionally, a collection of "evergreen" social media graphics is out there from NHPCO. What social media channels will probably be used? The social media push will probably be primarily featured on Facebook and Twitter but Pinterest and Instagram are useful social media sites as properly. Who can participate in the social media push?

Anyone can participate. This consists of hospice and palliative care providers, professionals, volunteers or any member of the general public. How does collaborating profit member organizations? NHPCO will "like" your posts: NHPCO employees will search for the hashtags on social media on November 2 and "like" those that share a constructive message.

Additionally, some Twitter posts will likely be forwarded. Enhance Social Media Presence: With an online consciousness of hospice all through the nation on November 2, participating will draw consideration to your organization on-line. Fill your social media calendar: Organizations ought to be energetic on social media often; participating on November 2 will help fill your social media calendar.

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